This Is Control Like You've Never Had It.

If there is ever a time to be in the dark, let it be when you WANT it to be. Here is where the magic of our SmartLink™ System really shines. Our cellular, M2M controller is designed to remotely control and monitor a multitude of applications such as billboards (lighting, utility power, digital, solar/wind productions, etc.) plus other exterior commercial lighting needs. This system offers:

  • Web-based Interface
  • Automatic Network Time
  • Exact Sunrise/Sunset Daily Calculations
  • Custom Schedules - Including Day of the Week
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Rock solid proof of performance.
  • Additional Monitoring and/or Smart-Weather as optional add-ons.
  • ROI is typically 12-24 months


Every Time Our SmartLink™ System Is Installed For Exterior Lighting, Clients Save on Utility Costs.

With 60,000 installations and counting, the SmartLink™ System is a proven success. Anyone needing remote wireless lighting controls for extensive outdoor lighting on commercial properties (parking lots, grounds, warehouses, etc.) can find savings quickly and easily. If you light outside, we can help.

Overhead Savings come in two forms.
  • Hard Savings through utility bill reductions.
  • Soft savings through reductions in employee hours, equipment wear and tear, and liability/worker's comp insurance to manually manage or change lights.

The SmartLink™ System also has low cost of installation and equipment when compared to competitive offerings.

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